Workspace modernisation

Workspace modernisation

Technology that benefits your employees

A workspace where your employees can work productively succeeds or fails by its ease of use and acceptance. We therefore start by looking at your existing technology and ask you what your employees do with it, and what would they like that isn’t currently available? We then use this as a basis for designing a new workspace that meets your people’s needs, to ensure your technology serves your employees and not the other way round.

Digital Workspace Transformation Study

Our Digital Workspace Transformation Study enables this workspace modernisation. We run workshops and perform analyses to check why change is needed in your organisation. We look at your existing technology and see if your environment is ready for the digital workspace, and map out your processes to look at the impact the new technology will have on your employees.

Following this analysis, we can define custom recommendations for you. We score every recommendation’s risk, complexity and priority, and use this as a basis for developing both short and long-term visions split into projects. This roadmap fully opens up the route to the digital workspace.

Transformation Study

A project consists of the following components:

  • Drivers for change: why is change needed?
  • As is analysis of existing technology and processes
  • As is impact analysis of the digital workplace on your employees
  • To be: draw up a roadmap