Workspace as a Service

Workspace as a Service

Work effortlessly with no surprises

Letting your employees work from a digital workspace is one thing; keeping it running with all costs under control is another! We can provide you with a digital workspace for a fixed price per month. You decide for yourself which services you need, such as the level of maintenance or support you want, so you can rest assured your applications and data are secure and up to date at all times, without any surprises for your budget.

All knowledge under one roof

With our workspace-as-a-service option, you don’t even need your own expertise in house. And if you do have them, we’ll be happy to support them. Our team’s knowledge and expertise covers all aspects of your digital workspace. The only thing you need to do is decide, together with our help, is what your employees need to be able to work with their applications and data remotely.

Managed Services

We offer four different levels of service:

  • Digital WorkSpace Managed Services with your own infrastructure: you decide if we manage the whole workspace or just part of it.
  • Digital WorkSpace in the Cronos, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services cloud: we host and manage your entire workspace or just part of it, including the infrastructure in our own Cronos cloud or the public cloud.
  • NetScaler as a Service: we ensure your applications work optimally at all times, on any device and in any location, in a secure environment. This is for a fixed price per month including management.
  • Data as a Service: we provide a custom solution for sharing files. You decide where the data is stored. This can be in the Cronos Data Centre, on-premise, in Amazon Web Services or in Azure.

The best expertise on the market

We offer all these services for a fixed price per month. This means you know in advance exactly how much it costs to manage your digital workspace. You’re guaranteed high-quality service thanks to our collaborations with other Competence Centres in the Cronos Group.