Digital workspace

Digital workspace

Give your employees freedom

Working whenever and wherever anyone wants? It’s possible. Our digital workspace gives your employees access to all the software and tools they need to work efficiently, alone or with others. The digital workspace can be accessed anywhere at all times, so it makes no difference if someone wants to work from the office or home, or start early or work late. There’s no need to ever worry about apps not working, and productivity improves.

Focus on user

Your employees want a flexible work environment: to decide for themselves when and where they work, and which devices, software and apps they use. They are like customers. That’s why, at Shiftz, we focus on user satisfaction. We give your employees the flexibility they need to work whenever and wherever they want.

A user-friendly and secure digital workspace

We look for the best solution together with you. We discuss what your digital workspace could look like, and consider the best way to implement it, deciding which technologies are best. We provide specific advice on the following:

Our expertise

Our certified and experienced consultants ensure your digital workspace is user-friendly and secure. We can also provide training to make sure your employees gain maximum benefit from their digital workspace.