About Shiftz

About Shiftz

Work smarter

Everyone wants their employees to be able to work whenever and wherever they want. The digital workspace is a flexible solution that improves productivity and employee satisfaction, and gives you a competitive edge in the labour market.

Shiftz specialises in setting up centrally managed digital workspaces, giving your employees all the tools they need to work efficiently, whenever and wherever they want. We provide advice, implement the digital workspace one step at a time, and train your employees how to use it.

Our people

The team of experts at Shiftz specialises in the technology architecture, implementation and support for the digital workspace: device management, desktop applications delivery (Windows, web, mobile), data delivery, collaboration. We’re part of the Cronos Group: 215 companies and 3,500 ICT professionals sharing knowledge and expertise.

Our approach

You want the best for your employees, and it’s our mission to help. We start by listening to what you expect from Shiftz. Then, after agreeing the details, we use assessments and workshops to analyse your existing processes. This analysis forms the basis for the roadmap which shows you exactly what will change and when.

We keep a very close eye on budget, content, timing and quality of service in every project. We work in a very focused way to guarantee the continuity of your operations during your switch to the digital workspace.

Our partners and certificates

Citrix Platinum Solution Advisor Specialist

You recognise a Citrix Specialist Partner from their satisfied customers. To be a partner, both Citrix and our customers need to approve their cases as references. Our consultants are also regularly tested in practical assessments, in which they are prescribed a “statement of work” that then needs to be delivered 100% correctly, just like it does for our customers. It’s essential that our consultants complete these assessments successfully to remain certified as Citrix experts.

As a Platinum Partner, we have the highest level of recognition within Citrix. This means we can develop and implement solutions together with Citrix. And, as a Citrix Service Provider, we can also offer these solutions as-a-service.

Microsoft Gold Partner Devices and Deployment

We mainly specialise in the ‘Microsoft Gold Partner Devices and Deployment’ and ‘Microsoft Silver Partner Messaging’ technologies. Our status as Microsoft Gold Partner ensures we’re perfectly positioned to develop solutions based on Microsoft technology. Cronos has several MVP and P-seller awards.

As a member of the Cronos Group, we’re also:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner Data Centre
  • Microsoft Azure Premium Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Gold Partner Cloud Productivity
  • Microsoft Gold Partner Identity and Access

Within Cronos we also work on custom solutions in other technology domains, and have considerable expertise in Amazon Web Services, Oracle and other infrastructure platforms.