Citrix on Azure

Citrix on Azure

A user-friendly and secure solution for your digital workplace

With a digital workplace in the cloud, you create a flexible, user-friendly environment on a stable platform that is immediately scalable, without paying for more than what you use.
Citrix on Azure is the answer to the challenges where every digital workplace is confronted with. It’s a solution that caters to the needs and expectations of the end-user and to those of their employer.

Why Citrix on Azure?

Scale Scale with your business rhythm and on peak moments
Evolution Automatically benefit from all new hardware evolutions
Growing demand Let your environment evolve together with ever-growing application demands
Recovery Rely on high availability and disaster recovery
Benefits Benefit from built-in enterprise technology
User experience Keep applications and data together for the best user-experience

Getting the facts straight

Letting a digital workplace run in the cloud has a lot of benefits. Discover how Azure can help you to manage your applications centrally, in a secure environment. Citrix offers your employees nothing less than digital freedom. All of your applications, tools and even desktops are always available, no matter where you are, and regardless of the device you are using.

Would you like to know more about how Citrix on Azure can offer you and your employees the flexibility, security and performance that you expect from your workplace? If you’d like to take a look under the hood of a Citrix on Azure environment, you can always take a glance at our detailed presentation.

La Lorraine Bakery Group chose Citrix on Azure

La Lorraine Bakery Group

Choosing an open, user-friendly workplace in the cloud was not a hard decision to make for La Lorraine Bakery Group.

The company is still growing at a very fast pace, so they needed a workplace that was immediately scalable and had assured availability, and apart from that La Lorraine Bakery Group wanted disaster recovery they could rely on.

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About Shiftz

Our consultants are Citrix Platinum Solition Advisor Specialists and actually work together with Citrix to create and optimize their business solutions, which is why we can offer the solutions as-a-service, as Citrix Service Provider. Furthermore, Shiftz is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a member of the Cronos Group, a strong quality guarantee.

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InspireX wants to be the trusted partner of their customers and help companies to shape their future business. InspireX guides companies through their digital transformation by means of
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